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I’m Ready to Sign Up! How Do I Register?

CITs Working TogetherThe CIT program is for rising freshmen and sophomores in high school. While this program does not guarantee a future job as a counselor at Tate’s Day Camp, former CITs often make some of the most outstanding employees. Through the CIT program, participants will receive training, guidance, and hands on experience working with Discovery campers (ages 3-6). In addition to their time working with campers, CITs also have the opportunity to help with weekly theme programming.

When CITs are not working with our campers, they are learning to work with each other. CITs participate in team building activities and learn how to solve problems by working together. CITs engage in workshops learning how to communicate effectively, how to have healthy conflict, how to lead with integrity, how to demonstrate dependability and professionalism, how to bring energy and enthusiasm to a work environment, and how to identify their own character strengths and utilize them as a part of a team. Additionally, CITs have the opportunity to interact with guest speakers ranging from the county mayor to local business leaders.

CIT TeamworkWhat you will learn as a CIT at Tate’s:

  • Leadership Training
  • Character and Integrity
  • Communication/Conflict Resolution
  • Creative Problem-Solving
  • Interview Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Professionalism
  • How to be a Counselor at Tate’s

CIT Registration and Application Process

CIT Fun Together

Becoming a CIT is much different than being a regular camper.  Parents must register the CIT like a camper would register, and in addition, the CIT candidate must complete an application and interview process.

For New Applicants (Steps 1-3 should be completed by the CIT candidate – NOT the parent.)

  1. Click here for the Online CIT Application and complete the form.
  2. Write an essay of approximately 100 words about why you want to be a CIT and what you hope to gain from the program.
  3. Obtain at least one letter of recommendation from someone other than a relative. Teachers, coaches, youth leaders, instructors, or ministers are great sources for references.

Email: the essay and letter of recommendation to matt-ternes@tatescamp.com.

4. Parents must also complete the Online CIT Registration.

For Returning Applicants who have previously been a Tate’s CIT:

Returning CITs do not have to submit a reference or write an essay.Link for Returning CIT Application – available February 1

  1. Click here for the Returning Online CIT Application. (To be completed by the Returning CIT Candidate – NOT the parent.)
  1. Parents must also complete the Online CIT Registration.

CIT LeadershipFormer CITs have gone on to become Discovery Counselors, Explorer Counselors, Lifeguards, Challenge Course Instructors, Team Leaders, and even Directors, but more importantly, impactful leaders in their communities.

After participating in a 3 week CIT session, participants reported the leadership qualities where they had experienced the most growth. Almost half of participants reported the most growth in their ability to communicate well with others, defined as the ability to speak effectively, to work with all kinds of people, to listen well, and to be tactful.

Leadership Qualities: Before and After CIT Session

100% of CITs left the last session of this summer reporting that they felt prepared as leaders.

CIT-ChartCIT Graph

How is being a CIT different than being a camper?

CIT GamesWhile CITs will have opportunities to participate in traditional camp activities (swimming, climbing tower, tree climbing, marksmanship, etc.), they will have new responsibilities and experiences at camp ranging from leadership workshops to assisting Discovery age campers.


Are CITs able to participate in weekly themes?
CITs will help with various events throughout their sessions, such as the carnival (painting faces and leading stations, such as the bounce house) and participate in epic camp traditions, such as leading their team onto the field of dodge ball battle.

What is the best thing about being a CIT?

CIT FriendshipCITs often report that their favorite part of their CIT experience was time spent working with campers, new and challenging experiences, personal growth, and lasting friendships.

Can I participate in more than one CIT session?

CITs may participate in multiple sessions; however, placement will depend on the application process. If you wish to participate in multiple sessions, it is important to complete the application process early.

CIT Mermaids and Mermen“I think there’s a special kind of magic that happens when you can learn some of the greatest life lessons and have fun doing it. This is what it’s like to be at Tate’s. Now multiply that magic by ten and that’s what it’s like to be a CIT.” – Mickayla Stogsdill Former CIT, 2013-2016 Staff Member

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