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10 Amazing 2014 Weekly Themes

Week 1 | May 27-30 | Pirates and Princesses (4 day week)
Errrr matey - hoist me black and white flag and prepare to set sail as we voyage across the Tatesibbean.  Adventure awaits us in every port where "X" marks the spot and buried treasure is within our reach. We'll have a swashbuckling good time and nobody has to walk the plank except for maybe an old counselor or two. Shiver me timbers!  And, don’t forget your eye patch.

Week 2 | June 2-6 | Bug Fest
Summer just wouldn’t be complete without paying tribute to our tiny, multi-legged, creepy crawling friends affectionately known as BUGS! Explore the woods and fields of Tate’s Day Camp and learn why bugs are our friends. We’ll have bug hunts, bug identification and maybe even some pet bugs. Don’t worry – the pet bugs must stay at camp because this is their home so we won’t be sending them to your house at the end of the week.

Week 3 | June 9-13 | Secret Agent
Suspicions are growing and things are not as they appear. Taboo the Squirrel hasn’t been seen or heard from in days. Sound the alarm! We need all secret agents to report on the double. Secrets lurk around every corner as campers and staff work together to solve this summer’s mystery. Each day the situation becomes clearer as secret agents get closer to the truth. Join us as we unravel the “whodunnit” scenario of the summer.

Week 4 | June 16-20 | Blast From The Past
Fire up the quantum generator, type in the coordinates and hold on tight as we teleport through time. We’ll journey through a continuum of famous decades as we voyage to days gone by. Music, dress-up and games from the past are on the agenda. Hey – who’s that up ahead? It’s our time-traveling alien friend, Ned, from the planet Zircon. Uh oh!  I think he’s lost. Let’s jump in and lend Ned a hand along the way to help him return to his galaxy.

Week 5 | June 23-27 | Child vs. Wild
Tribal alliances are formed and spirit fills the air as teams participate in friendly competitions to gain points throughout the week. Some challenges involve skill and energy while others involve thought and problem solving. Group unity and participation are essential. All eyes are focused on Friday’s closing tribal council where one group will be crowned the victor!


Week 6 | June 30-July 4 | Slime & Grime (4 day week - closed on July 4)
Come and join our make-believe, yet legendary, Dr. Herbert Higginbottom IV and Professor Theodore Themopolis, for a journey into the realm of Slime & Grime. When you combine one part science and two parts imagination with some household knowledge and a little dirt, the outcome is some unusual activities, games and experiments that are sure to capture your attention and make you say WOW!

Week 7 | July 7-11 | Hollywood Hoopla
The flashbulbs sparkle, red carpet lines the sidewalk and our limo awaits us as we travel from Knoxville to Hollywood without ever leaving our 52-acre city of the stars. Participate in a special celebrity dress-up day, talent shows and trivia contests. Not interested in performing center stage? Then join a fan club and cast your vote for the next Tate's Star. Don't forget your autograph book!

Week 8 | July 14-18 | Carnival
Fire up the cotton candy machine and crank up the music and games because it’s time for the Tate’s Carnival 2014. Step right up and try your hand at the ring toss, stop by the face tattoo stand, make a pitch at the dunking booth or maybe win a special prize at one of the game stations. These are just a few of the many activities awaiting you at the Tate’s Carnival.

registration-campdates-image2Week 9 | July 21-25 | Ancient Egypt
It’s a race against the clock as we cruise down the Nile River on our way to join the Pharaoh’s Treasure Hunt. Pieces of a primordial hieroglyphic tile map have been discovered and we must unite together to find more artifacts and reveal the location of the Pharaoh’s treasure. But time is running out! Someone or something is also on the trail. Quick – meet me at the Great Pyramids to confirm our plan.

Week 10 | July 28-August 1| Wild Water
Continuing our longstanding tradition, we are ecstatic to close out the summer with our ever so popular Wild Water Week! So, gather the squirters, stretch out the water hose, soap up the slip ‘n slide and crank up the swimming pools because this week promises to be packed with wet and wild FUN. You will feel the excitement all the way from your head to your wrinkled toes.

2014 Specialty Camps

Technology Camps

We are thrilled to provide two technology-based camps this summer that will be led by Tate’s School Technology Specialist, Misty Anderson. Misty holds a Master’s in Instructional Technology and Educational Studies and has been teaching at Tate’s for seven years. She is also a presenter at state conferences on technology use in elementary education. Although these camps will be held in the school’s state-of-the-art iMac computer lab, campers will spend the majority of time on their iPads. Campers must bring their own iPad 2 or later to the camp. Participants will spend each day in the technology camp until 2:00 PM. The remainder of the camp day will include swimming and other camp activities.

registration-campdates-image5Tate's iCamp | entering grades 4th-5th | June 2-6 | Cost: $291
“iMovie, iTunes, iPad – iCan!” That’s what participants to this year’s iCamp will be saying after a week-long immersion into everything “i”! Campers will need to bring their own iPad (iPad 2 or later) on Monday and leave them in our secure computer lab until Friday. Two to three required apps will need to be installed on the iPad prior to the camp. This second year of iCamp promises to put participant’s iPad skills to the test. Campers will learn how to harness the power of their iPad to be creative, productive and use it in academic ways! Can you imagine the possibilities? This camp is perfect for campers who want to polish their existing iPad skills and then take those skills to the next level.nt to polish their existing iPad skills and then take those skills to the next level.

Tate's iCamp | entering grades 6th-8th | June 9-13 | Cost: $291
iCamp Academy is designed for middle school students that desire to push themselves to use the iPad in multiple ways. Download the free Evernote App and start planning your week. We’ll make a shooting schedule for pictures and videos as well as production time to incorporate some original Garage Band compilations into our iMovie. But that’s not all. Next, we’ll pull it altogether and ramp up the iPad processors to create a presentation. The organizational and time management skills taught in iCamp Academy can be readily applied to show students how the iPad can be used during the school year to make schedules, prioritize homework, conduct research, make task lists and more. Campers will need to bring their own iPad (iPad 2 or later) on Monday and leave them in our secure computer lab until Friday. Three to four required apps will need to be installed on the iPad prior to the camp.


Important Camp Dates

May 26 Camp Closed Memorial Day
May 27 First Day of Camp
June 20 Camper Only Campout
July 4 Camp is Closed
July 11 Family Campout
August 1 Last Day of Camp


First Child $286 per week
Second Child $266 per week
Third Child $266 per week

(Weeks 1 and 6 Only)

First Child $229 per week
Second Child $213 per week
Third Child $213 per week

*There is a $50 per child non-refundable registration fee that is not applied toward camp tuition.

Age Specific Activities

  • Instructional Swimming
    (ages 3-8)
  • Recreational Swimming
    (ages 3-13)
  • Arts and Crafts
    (ages 3-13)
  • Camp Singing
    (ages 3-13)
  • Miniature Golf
    (ages 3-13)
  • Games and Sports
    (ages 3-13)
  • Weekly Themed Events
    (ages 3-13)
  • Traverse Climbing Wall
    (ages 3-6)
  • 100 Foot Discovery Zipline
    (ages 3-6)
  • Boating
    (ages 6-13)
  • Low Ropes/Group Initiatives
    (ages 7-13)
  • Archery
    (ages 7-13)
  • Nature Study
    (ages 5-10)
  • Option Periods
    (ages 7-13)
  • 100 Yard Zipline
    (ages 7-13)
  • Tree Climbing
    (ages 9-13)
  • Climbing/Rappelling Tower
    (ages 9-13)
  • Marksmanship
    (ages 9-13)
  • Woodworking
    (ages 11-13)

Contact Info

Phone: (865) 690-9208
Fax: (865) 670-9229

Email: info@tatescamp.com



Mailing address:
Tate's Day Camp
9215 Bob Gray
Knoxville, TN 37923
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