10 Amazing 2016 Weekly Themes



Week 1 | May 23-27 | Pirates and Princesses
Errrr matey - hoist me black and white flag and prepare to set sail as we voyage across the Tatesibbean. Adventure awaits us in every port where "X" marks the spot and buried treasure is within our reach. Be ye a pirate or be ye a princess, show your spirit by wearing your favorite costume. Shiver me timbers!  And, don’t forget your tiara or eye patch.



Star WarsWeek 2 | May 31-June 3 | Star Wars (4-day week)
Our days have become mysterious and perilous, and the fate of our star system is in question now more than ever. The Jedi Knights and Princesses have called for help from all corners of the galaxy as they sense a strengthening of the once fallen Empire. Will you be ready to answer the call? May the force be with you!


Week 3 | June 6-10 | Slime & Grime
Come and join the legendary, Dr. Herbert Higginbottom IV and Professor Theodore Themopolis, for a journey into the realm of Slime & Grime. When you combine one part science and two parts imagination with some household knowledge and a little dirt, the outcome is some excitingly unusual activities, games and experiments that are sure to capture your attention and make you say WOW!


SuperheroWeek 4 | June 13-17 | CSI: Camp Scene Investigation
Join a cast of new characters and some of our old favorites as we train campers to become special agents and work to solve the summer’s mystery. Suspicion lurks around every corner as mystery and intrigue creep into the camp. Keep your eyes open for clues and prepare to process the evidence. And whatever you do, be alert for strange and mysterious happenings.


Week 5 | June 20-24 | Child vs. Wild: Olympic Style
Based in part on the television show, Survivor, tribal alliances are formed and spirit fills the air as teams participate in competitions to gain points throughout the week. Some challenges involve skill and energy while others involve thought and problem solving. Group unity and participation are essential. All eyes are focused on Friday’s closing tribal council where one team will be the victor!


Christmas in July

Week 6 | June 27-July 1 | Rockapalooza

Crank up the volume and hold on to your six-string as we travel from Motown to Hollywood without ever leaving our 52-acre city of the stars. Participate in celebrity dress up day; have the opportunity to perform in talent shows; or join a fan club and cast your vote for the next Tate's Icon. Your limousine is waiting at the end of the red carpet. Don’t forget your autograph book!


WaffleWeek 7 | July 5-8 | Holiday Hoopla
Raise the flag, carve the jack-o-lantern, prepare to trick or treat, deck the halls, hang the stockings and load the sleigh as we feature a four-day holiday celebration. We’ll start the week by observing Independence Day, followed by a day of Halloween, and then close out the week with two days of Christmas cheer. Even Rudolph can’t wait for this week of holiday hoopla.



Week 8 | July 11-15 | Carnival
Fire up the cotton candy machine and crank up the music and games because it’s time for the Tate’s Carnival 2016. Step right up and try your hand at the ring toss, stop by the face painting stand, make a pitch at the dunking booth or maybe win a special prize at one of the game stations. These are just a few of the many activities awaiting you at the Tate’s Carnival.


MedievalWeek 9 | July 18-22 | Harry Potter
Calling all young wizards! We're sending our imagination on vacation by spending the week honoring our good friend Harry Potter. Meet the magical sorting hat before venturing to the land of fiction where campers of all ages will enjoy dress up days, Hogwarts crafts, Quidditch and the Tate's Triwizard dodgeball tournament. We'll meet you at Platform 9 3/4 for an early departure. Don’t forget your wand and broom!


Wild WaterWeek 10 | July 25-29 | Wild Water
Summer just wouldn't be complete without our most traditional and ever so popular weekly theme - Wild Water Week! So, add some extra sunscreen, gather the squirters, fill the water balloons and crank up the swimming pools because this week promises to be packed with wet and wild FUN. You will feel the excitement all the way from your head to your wrinkled toes.



2016 Technology Camp

 Adventures in Robotics | entering grades 4th-5th | May 23-27 | $312
Join Mrs. Anderson, Tate’s Technology Teacher, for an adventure you’ll never forget - Robotics! In individual and team environments, campers will follow the Design Process to build and program robots of different shapes and sizes. So what is the Design Process? It’s the process Engineers use all the time that includes a combination of defining a problem, researching information, brainstorming ideas, developing solutions, presenting your design and then improving your design! Campers will work toward developing problem-solving skills that involve math, engineering, physics and logic as they work toward their goals.

Participants will spend each day in the technology camp until 2:00 PM. The remainder of the camp day will include swimming and other camp activities.




Important Camp Dates

May 23 - First Day of Camp
May 30 - Camp Closed Memorial Day
June 17 - Camper Only Campout
July 4 - Camp Closed Independence Day
July 15 - Family Campout
July 29 - Last Day of Camp


First Child $296 per week
Second Child $276 per week
Third Child $276 per week

(Weeks 2 and 7 Only)

First Child $237 per week
Second Child $221 per week
Third Child $221 per week

*There is a $50 per child non-refundable registration fee that is not applied toward camp tuition.

Age Specific Activities

  • Instructional Swimming
    (ages 3-8)
  • Recreational Swimming
    (ages 3-13)
  • Arts and Crafts
    (ages 3-13)
  • Camp Singing
    (ages 3-13)
  • Weekly Themed Activities
    (ages 3-13)
  • Games and Sports
    (ages 3-13)
  • Hillside Slip'n Slide
    (ages 3-13)
  • Traverse Climbing Wall
    (ages 3-6)
  • 100 Foot Discovery Zipline
    (ages 3-6)
  • Boating
    (ages 6-13)
  • Low Ropes/Group Initiatives
    (ages 7-13)
  • Archery
    (ages 7-13)
  • Nature Study
    (ages 5-10)
  • Option Periods
    (ages 7-13)
  • 100 Yard Zipline
    (ages 7-13)
  • Tree Climbing
    (ages 9-13)
  • Climbing/Rappelling Tower
    (ages 9-13)
  • Marksmanship
    (ages 9-13)
  • Woodworking
    (ages 11-13)

Contact Info

Phone: (865) 690-9208
Fax: (865) 670-9229

Email: info@tatescamp.com



Mailing address:
Tate's Day Camp
9215 Bob Gray
Knoxville, TN 37923
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