Second Star To The Right And Straight On Till Summer

Chris StrevelHer name was Ashley, and she was five years old. She was funny, whimsical, and happy…and just made you smile by walking into the room. Ashley was one of my campers at Tate’s Day Camp and one of my afterschool students at Tate’s School.

Ashley came to visit me last week, and she brought along her husband and her two year old daughter. Needless to say, Ashley isn’t five years old anymore.

We hopped on a golf cart, and I showed Ashley and her family around the camp. Since her days as a camper, we’ve added multiple buildings and new additions. We reminisced about her favorite camp memories and activities. In my mind, I could still see the face of my five year old camper sitting in the sandbox under the cedar tree eating her snack. But now, she’s grown up…a mother and a wife.

As our tour wound down, I gave them some camp information and walked them to their car. It was one of the highlights of my week to get to reconnect with a former camper and student.

The interesting part is when I walked back into my office and looked at Marianne, the office manager. I said, “Marianne, you would think that after that tour, I would feel pretty old. I don’t. Ashley has grown up, but I still feel the same.” Second star to the right and straight on till summer. I truly think I live the life of Peter Pan, and Tate’s Day Camp is my Neverland. Pixie dust away!

-Chris Strevel

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Chris Strevel
Executive Director at Tate's Day Camp
Chris first joined Tate’s Day Camp in 1989 while attending the University of Tennessee. He thought he was only looking for a fun summer job but quickly learned that he had found his career. After serving as a camp counselor, head counselor, and assistant director, he accepted the Executive Director role in 1993.
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  1. Jean November 3, 2017 at 9:24 pm - Reply

    Tates is a magical place. Delila anticipates the start of next year’s Summer camp. Beginning the first day of school, to the moment school ends.

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